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  • How long do the parties last?
    Parties are 2 ½ hrs and could potentially run a little overtime or under.
  • How do I choose a painting?
    Click on our paintings gallery, choose from the selection in the gallery.
  • What do I  wear?
    Comfortable, weather appropriate clothing (apron is provided to help protect clothing).
  • Is there an age requirement for public events?
    We welcome participants 13 years old and up to public events.
  • My 9 year old wants a birthday paint party, can you do it?"
    Absolutely, we start as young as 8 yrs old for private parties.
  • Does Anguillarts provide refreshments?
    Many of the locations where we host our events have wide variety of food n beverages. That being said, Anguillarts does not provide this service for private parties.
  • Do we all have to paint the same painting at the party?
    Yes, to ensure the best group experience, a single painting is offered for the event.
  • I want to host a party! what do I do ?
    You can choose the location where food and cocktails can be purchased during the party. If you choose your home as the location, you will need adequate seating and tables for your participants and enough space for all your guests to see the guiding artist easily. It is up to you whether you want to provide refreshments for your guests. Outdoor parties should be sheltered from rain, wind and sun. Catering services can be discussed with appropriate notice. We come 1 hour prior to the party to set up and clean up a the end of the painting time.
  • How do I pay?
    US Cash, PayPal, Cheques are all accepted
  • If I didn't sign up, can I still join in ?"
    Yes, conditional to space availability .
  • What is the cost for an event?
    $70.00 US Non Residents $65.00 US Residents.
  • Can I cancel my party or public party?
    Cancellation policy is 24 hrs prior to the party, re-booking is available. Less than 24 hrs cancellation, a $40.00 fee will be charged. We offer the prepared canvas to you. Sorry, no refunds.
  • What is the cost for a private party ?
    Oct -May 1-6 pers. $100.00us nonresidents 6-20 pers. $90.00 us non residents June - Sept . $ 90.00Us 6-20 $85.00 Us non residents Residents 1-6. Pers. $95.00 residents 6-20 pers $ 85.00 residents Jun -sept . 1-6 pers $85.00 6-20 pers 80.00
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